Olivier Dassault



Born in 1951 in France, Olivier Dassault is of venerable French lineage: his grandfather was a pioneering aircraft manufacturer and created one of the largest companies in France: the Dassault Group.


Olivier Dassault is the Chairman of the Dassault Group, which ranges from aviation to international press, he is a renowned photographer and an accomplished pilot. His attraction for aircrafts have led him to spend half of his life in the air and to see the world from a different perspective.


His true passion lies in photography where he uses a photographic technique called multiple exposure in the shooting phase, exclusively working with film photography.  The line is important; the geometrical sense of his compositions expresses his will to get closer to the essence of his surroundings.  In his work, the world unites in a single image and creates a whole turned toward the diverse ways to live a landscape or a culture.



2016: Artifact: Mid-Century and Contemporary Design, Gauchet Fine Art – Miami, FL
Drouot vu par Olivier Dassault, Drouot – Paris, France
2013: Les Instantanés – Brussels, Belgium
2012: Insights, Opera Gallery – London, UK
2011: Art Miami – Miami, FL
2011: Photographismes, Guy Pieters Gallery – Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium
2010: Mémoires d’Art, Galerie Aaron – Paris, France
2010: Totem & Tabou, Galerie Mahaux – Megève, France, France
2009: Surimpressionnisme, Espace Hugues Chevalier – Paris, France
2008: Ubania, Galerie Corrado Bortone – Paris, France

2005: FIAC, Galerie Artlease – Paris
2004: FIAC, Galerie Artlease – Paris2001: Galerie VJW – Paris, France
1999: The Photofactory – Paris, France
1993: Découvertes, Galerie G. Apicella – Cologne, Germany
1992: Découvertes, Galerie G. Apicella, Grand Palais – Paris, France
1988: FIAC, Galerie Heyram – Paris
1985: Galerie Elisabeth Leclerf – Paris, France
1982: Objectif Rêve, Galerie Beauveau – Paris, France
1978: Egypt, Galerie Pyramide – Paris
1977: Oniropolis, Galerie Ferrero – Geneva
1975: Galeria Arta – Geneva