Patrick Schumacher



Born in 1953, Patrick Schumacher is a German contemporary sculptor based in Nice, France. Classically trained in the foundation of Art in Strasbourg, France, he specializes in restoring art antiquities.  As a result of his training, Schumacher acquired an extensive range of technical knowledge which he applies to a broad spectrum of materials. Finding inspiration in cultural origins combined with his interests in both classical and Asiatic art he rose his three-dimensional contemporary mythical creatures that he is best known for in today’s art world. With humor and humility, the artist creates meaningful pieces fed by sense and aesthetic.  


“I try, in my personal work to express the possible parallels between animals and humans combining humor and mockeries.” – P. Schumacher


His most notable series include: Rhinozebros (2005), a rhinoceros adorned with a zebra skin, Boud’Key (2008), a fusion between Buddha and Mickey, his ironic response to the term “globalization” and the rise of consumer society at the expense of spirituality, Fuck Panda (2011) a Panda (WWF logo) on a can of nuclear waste subtitled “You want to fuck my life”.


While remaining humorous and aesthetically attractive, his messages become more powerful reflecting current environmental and humanitarian issues.   His work is created to serve as a vehicle to reach people and stratas of society not readily addressed on other platforms.


Schumacher’s reputation continues to grow around the world, respected by prestigious galleries. His works are present in many private collections in France, Germany, Italy, USA, Monaco.




In my personal work I try to find possible parallels between animals and people at the point where humor and derison meet. – P. Schumacher



2015: Permanent Exhibition – Gauchet Fine Art – Miami, FL
2014: « 21 Grammes » – Galerie des Dominicains – Nice, France
2012: Galerie Guyot – St Paul de Vence, France
2012: « Le Bestiaire de Schumacher » – Villefranche sur Mer, France
2012: « Franchement Art » – Villefranche sur Mer, France
2011: UNESCO Exhibition – Monaco
2011: Exotic garden – Monaco
2011: « Postdam » Exhibition – Germany
2011: « Monaco-Japon » – Monaco
2011: « Franchement Art » – Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

2011: « ART BEACH » – Cagnes-sur-Mer, France
2010: « Monaco-Japon » – Monaco
2010: « Lausanne Exhibition » – Switzerland
2010: Exotic Garden – Monaco 2010 : « Art Affairs » – Cannes, France
2009: « UNESCO Exhibition » – Monaco
2008: « Monte-Carlo Circus International Festival » – Monaco

2008: « Nature et Artifice » UNESCO – Monaco
2008: « Art en Fête » – Champs Elysées – Paris, France
2006: « La Sculpture Monumentale » – Grand hôtel – St Jean Cap Ferrat, France
2003: « Via del arte » – Urbe, Italia
1998: « Juillet-Août » – Munich, Germany