Born 1965. Geneva, Switzerland Coming from a family with a long artistic tradition, Vincent Du Bois seeks to synthesise his classical background with a contemporary vision. Du Bois learned sculpture from a very young age, receiving a very traditional and technical education. After finishing school in Geneva, he studied at Artigiani in Pietra Santa, Italy. After perfecting his work with Carrara marble in Italy, he moved to the United States, in order to complete a master’s degree at the Art Institute of Chicago. During this period, he pushed the boundaries of his work, seeking out new techniques and concepts. After obtaining his Master of Fine Arts, he opened a studio in Geneva, where he splits his time between the creating artworks and the developing original architectural and design projects. With a strong passion for classical practice as well as conceptual research, Vincent Du Bois has created a unique vision. He has exhibited in many countries.

Selected works

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