Born 1958. Avignon, France

Mariko spent her childhood living in Africa, as her family moved between several countries. At an early age she was captivated by the otherworldly sandstone formations in Madagascar, and was fascinated by the Malagasy craftsmen who transform this material into beautiful carvings.

Mariko began carving with sandstone while living in Kenya. Maasai artisans taught her to understand the characteristics of this exceptional material and basic techniques.

Later on, studying at “Les Beaux-Arts” in France, she was fascinated by the Cubist movement, especially the transformation of volumes and shapes.

From a fusion between the cubist influence and the indigenous African arts, Mariko seeks balance and harmony to enlighten vital strengths.

Mariko’s work explores subjects such as bullfighting, classical music, geishas and femininity, embracing smooth, rounded, organic forms.

Selected works

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